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Cheap Cigarettes is a shop with long time experience. We like to surprise our customers with the best deals, including wide selections of discounted cigarettes available anytime. We sell all the top brands, flavors and styles: Marlboro, Camel, Winston, etc. Customers who buy our low-cost products online appreciate our constant efforts to keep prices as low as possible. You no longer need to overpay for tobacco: if cigarettes are highly expensive in your country, do business with us from now on! Our services include fast and secure transactions and delivery.

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Our shipments go to Canada and the USA. Regrettably, custom duties, fees and taxes deny our possibility to ship to other countries. Customers' initiative to offer us suitable information of the tax system in their country is highly appreciated. Base on such useful information, our services can improve and, hopefully, become globally available. Cigarettes are delivered to the door within 14 to 20 working days from placing the order. We guarantee the high quality of the Cigarettes we sell online and offer you the best prices you can find. As tax system is highly positive in our location, we are able to offer you the most inexpensive high quality cigarettes on the market. Find the best deals and buy discounted cigarettes online now at!

Exquisite Brands at Reasonable Prices

Ever since the beginning of 1990s, the tobacco industry was faced with a new type of marketing campaign: established companies in the field of high-end cigarettes started advertising common cigarettes. Prices are generally higher than those of their counterparts, but way lower than the prices of reference.

For example, the traditional (imperial) Sobranie cigarettes (Sobranie Cocktail, Sobranie Black Russian, etc.) are expensive cigarettes; however, you can buy Sobranie Slims Pink, Sobranie Blues, or Sobranie Whites 100's at half the price. The question is: do these cigarettes match the quality of the expensive ones, or is it just a strategy used by the producer to make you buy this brand? The answer is rather complicated; here's why and how:

  1. Almost in every context, price is a sign of quality. This means cheaper products may not be a match to the expensive ones, even if they share the same name.
  2. Brands that undergo such a marketing strategy (Sobranie, Rothmans, Dunhill, etc.) don't actually sell cheap cigarettes. On the contrary, their cheap counterparts are still expensive when compared to common brands. This means the quality of the tobacco is still very good, even if it's not as good as that of the reference.
  3. In some, rare cases, manufacturers use the same tobacco (and even the same technology) they use for high quality cigarettes to produce more approachable varieties. For you, this is a bonus: you get exquisite cigarettes at better prices. But, even so, you need to determine whether this information is accurate or not and such an attempt may prove difficult and time consuming.
  4. Irrespective of brand, the advantages of a good filter are almost in every case obvious: you get exceptional filters, even if the blend is not similar to that found in more expensive packs.

The conclusion is thus simple: even if the quality of these cigarettes is not a real match to the one found in high-end packs, it is still way above average; therefore buying these varieties ensures that you enjoy excellent cigarettes at affordable prices.

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